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Daron Roberts

Pastor - Teacher

Pastor Daron was born in Clearwater, FL, but raised in Portland, OR. After making a profession of faith at a young age, he believed he had become a Christian. However, his profession of faith proved empty. He spent the next two decades resembling more of a self-righteous Pharisee, then a humble follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then when Daron was 24, while playing baseball in the minor league with the Chicago White Sox, God mercifully opened his eyes to the reality that he was actually self-deceived and needed Christ.

That summer in 2007 Daron came to truly believe upon Christ as his Lord and Savior. Immediately he became a new creature in Christ. However, he knew very little about the vital role of the local church in his life. The following year Daron was traded to the Miami Marlins which landed him in Jupiter, FL. Here is where he had the unique opportunity to be discipled by Pastor Jerry Wragg at Grace Immanuel Bible Church. Over the next year God stirred in Daron’s heart a desire to impact souls for Christ and be immersed in a healthy local church. The following year in 2009 Daron retired from baseball, moved to Jupiter FL, with his new wife Bethany, and enrolled at The Expositors Seminary (TES) to receive his M.Div. Daron was incredibly blessed by being able to be the personal assistant to pastor Jerry Wragg in the following years.

He later became an Elder and was a shepherd over young married couples and young adults at Grace Immanuel Bible Church. Daron was also able to work alongside and teach at The Expositors Seminary during his time in Jupiter. Daron now sits on the Board of TES and finds tremendous joy in being a part of a ministry that trains pastors in the local church.

Daron works in partnership with Richard Caldwell (Senior pastor of Founders Baptist Church) and the Houston campus of The Expositors Seminary. In 2021 Daron responded to the call to be the senior pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church in Katy, Texas—a suburb on the west side of Houston. Cornerstone Bible Church is a church planted from Founders Baptist Church in Spring, Texas.

Daron is also uniquely grateful to God for the legacy and impact of Dr. John MacArthur on his life. His former pastor, Jerry Wragg, was Dr. MacArthur’s personal assistant for many years and has passed on that imprint to Daron. Furthermore, Daron’s wife’s family are Charter Members of Grace Community Church dating back 64 years. They have served alongside Dr. MacArthur for 52 years. Also, Daron is currently working on his THM at The Master’s Seminary

 Pastor Daron has been happily married for nearly 13 years to his best friend, Bethany, and has been blessed with four wonderful children: Hudson, Wiley, Brooklyn, and Macie

Abe Freeman

Associate Pastor

Pastor Abe was born in Wyoming and was raised in various places in the Midwest and West. He was saved at a relatively young age of 11 as the Lord convicted him of his sin and need for Christ to be his Lord and Savior. Following that repentance, his spiritual growth was slow and irregular, but consistent until later high school years when he began to read more Christian books and found Biblical, expositional preaching that the Lord used to grow him. It was the slow growth and then growing hunger that led Abe to attend Calvary Bible College (now Calvary University) in Kansas City, MO. It was there where he attended a healthy local church, Mission Road Bible Church pastored by Rick Holland, and began to develop a desire to be used by God in the local church.


In Bible college, Abe met his wife, Sydney, who was pursuing a degree in Biblical Counseling. They continued attending Mission Road Bible Church and Abe began taking classes at The Expositors Seminary(TES). The 8 years they spent in Kansas City were a rich season of growth and training for him and the family and the Lord used his pastors/mentors to help build and solidify the convictions about God’s Word, preaching, and the local church that he holds dearly today. It was during this season that Abe first met Pastor Daron and their friendship began.

Upon graduation with his M.Div in 2018, Abe and Syd moved to Nebraska where Abe was brought on at Countryside Bible Church in Hampton, NE as Associate Pastor. He served there for 3 years as an elder overseeing youth ministry and administration. The Lord used this season to test and strengthen convictions and to bring clarity to gifting and desires.


During these years, the Lord solidified and used Abe’s friendship with Pastor Daron to be especially impactful and instrumental in leading him to Katy, TX to be a part of Cornerstone Bible Church. In August of 2021, Abe and Syd moved their family to Katy, TX to be a part of Cornerstone from the beginning. After 6 months at Founders Baptist Church in Spring, TX, Cornerstone was planted in February 2022. At first, Abe’s involvement with Cornerstone was in a lay capacity, serving and giving oversight to Cornerstone’s Kid’s Ministry, which then grew into a more formal role and a staff position in March of 2023 when he was hired as Associate Pastor. Pastor Abe is so very thankful for the pastors and men at TES who invested in him and his training and especially for Pastor Richard Caldwell and Pastor Daron who were particularly used of the Lord in bringing him to Houston and Cornerstone.

Dallas Trahern

Lay Elder

Dallas Trahern was raised in Owasso, Oklahoma. Upon making a profession of faith at 12 years old, Dallas spent the next decade of his life believing he was right before the Lord but later came to understand he was actually self-deceived. At 18 years old, Dallas moved to Florida pursuing a career in sports. In the spring of 2008, Dallas visited Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, Florida where he was introduced to expository preaching and sound biblical doctrine under the pastoral leadership of Jerry Wragg.


By God’s great mercy, in the fall of 2009, Dallas saw his need for Christ and was granted repentance of his sins and true faith in Jesus Christ.In 2010, Dallas met Hillary at church in Jupiter and they were married two years later. They are now blessed with four wonderful children; Adalee, Brooks, Cierra, and Daxxton. The Trahern family moved to Katy, Texas in the winter of 2021 to assist in planting Cornerstone Bible Church and since 2022, Dallas has enjoyed the privilege of serving as an elder.

Daniel Dorfsmith

Minister of Music

Daniel was born in Apple Valley, CA, and was raised in Big Bear City, CA. At 11, he told his parents that he wanted to serve the Lord and asked his parents to pray with him. It wasn’t until Daniel’s family moved to Colorado in 2006 and after some difficult family times, that Daniel truly came to know and believe in Jesus and place His faith in Christ at the age of 15. God used the reading of scripture and men like Charles Spurgeon expounding on the scripture, to regenerate him and bring him to a saving faith in Christ.

Though Daniel grew up in a Christian home, as a young child his family was involved in several churches that were not faithful to the scriptures. This caused the early years after his conversion to be filled with confusion and errant theology.


Over time, Daniel became involved in the music ministries of three different churches in the Southwest Colorado area. In 2014, After hiring on as a part time worship director at First Baptist Church in Durango, CO, Daniel met Matt Bong, a Pastor who discipled him and solidified the foundational truths of the Bible in his mind. It was at this ministry that Daniel met his wife Natali. After getting married in 2016, Daniel and Natali moved to Gilbert, AZ, in 2017 for Daniel to continue his education as an audio engineer and music producer with the intent of using those skills for music ministry in a local church. Not long after the move, Daniel was hired full time as the Media Arts Director and Production Director at Redeemer Bible Church. Pastors Kyle Swanson and Costi Hinn began to disciple and pour into Daniel on a regular basis.


Through the providence and kindness of God, Daniel was hired as the Minister of Music at Cornerstone Bible Church in October of 2021. He is currently attending The Expositors Seminary.


Daniel has been leading worship and writing songs for the local church since 2009 and has been formally trained in piano, music theory, and songwriting. Daniel is happily married to his wife Natali for 7 years, and together they have two beautiful little boys, Derek and Tyler.

Dan Fox

Dan grew up in Indiana and came to saving faith in Christ at age 16. He met his wife Beth at Purdue University, and they were married in 2008. Since moving to Texas in 2012, they have been blessed with 4 children—Noah, Lucas, Owen, and Elaina. Dan and Beth are founding members of Cornerstone. Dan loves the Church and desires to joyfully serve the Lord at Cornerstone.

John Gunnels

John was the son of a Baptist minister and learned about Jesus Christ early in life and received salvation at an early age. He has been married to his wife Olga for twelve years. John and Olga were members of Founders Baptist Church before becoming founding members of Cornerstone. They prayed for 10 years to have a church like Cornerstone in the Katy area where they could serve and reflect His light.

Tim Woodward

Tim has been married to his wife Brooke for 14 years and have 4 wonderful children (Brady, Jack, Kate, and Kennedy). Originally from southern California, Tim and Brooke moved to Florida shortly after getting married where they had the privilege of serving together at Grace Immanuel Bible Church. During that time, the Lord grew a desire in their hearts to help support a future church plant. Once the decision was made for Pastor Daron to plant in Katy, God providentially opened that door and made it possible for them to move to Texas as founding members of Cornerstone. The Woodwards marvel at God’s kindness to build His Church in such wonderful ways in such a short period of time!