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The Great Commission

Church Planting

It is our conviction that the Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 28 is one mission with one focus, church planting and strengthening.  Upon conversion God’s will for His people is that they would leave the culture and join the church.


It is on this biblical foundation that on February 13th, 2022 Pastor Richard Caldwell and the Elders at Founders Baptist Church in Spring, Texas have planted Cornerstone Bible Church in Katy, Texas.



On the October 28th episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot and Dr. Richard Caldwell sit down to talk about a biblical philosophy and methodology of church planting.

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Our Story

The story of Cornerstone Bible Church is still unfolding by God’s good and guiding providence. The origin of this new work began many years ago as God stirred in the Elders hearts of Founders Baptist Church to see a new gospel work be born in the Katy area of Houston. Nearly 15 years ago Pastor Richard Caldwell began his radio ministry “Walking In Grace” and from that point forward requests began to pour in from the radio audience for strong Bible teaching in West Houston. 


As the years passed the Elders at Founders Baptist Church continued to receive requests for a like minded, Bible teaching, doctrinally sound church in their area. It became apparent that there were many in West Houston who were spiritually hungry and often starving. From that time forward, the Founders’ elders had it deep in their hearts to one day see a gospel work planted in Katy. It was the burden of these men that this new church would embrace the doctrinal and philosophy of ministry convictions that they hold dear, and that it would maintain a strong expositional pulpit, rich body life, and plurality of qualified shepherds.

Cornerstone Bible Church

The Right Timing

These men were waiting on the Lord, the right timing, and the right man. For many years the timing was not right, and God had not yet raised up the right man. Then in February of 2021, as our pastor Daron Roberts was candidating for a senior pastor role after 13 years as an associate pastor at Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, FL, the Founders Elders approached Daron about being the man to lead this new work. From the earliest meetings, both pastor Daron and the Elders at Founders were convinced God was paving the way for this partnership to merge and a new church to be born. Pastor Daron accepted the call to be an Elder and the Pastor of Church Planting at Founders Baptist Church in July of 2021.


Pastor Daron and a team of faithful saints are now serving at Cornerstone Bible Church. We have already been marveling at the way God has provided people to join the work, resources to support our labor, and the initial responses from those that hear about Cornerstone Bible Church. If you have any general questions about Cornerstone Bible Church or would like to know how you can join, serve, support, or pray for the ministry, please email us at info@cbckaty.org.

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